one year ago
#65 Citar

I can think of a few friends who are very open-minded and analytical Muslims, not Persian but North African and Palestinian, and I notice that they seem to have interest in everything surrounding esotericism between psychedellic research, cutting edge science, and mysticism but I also notice that Sufism as it's commonly sold and it's usual proponents like Rumi, Omar Kayyam, etc. don't jive well with them.In their case I see a lot of myself in them - they're Muslims of the variety that I was Catholic ie. I wanted to stay on the straight and narrow of truth but I also really wanted to get my life right with the core source and reason for being as much as possible. Unfortunately with Rumi and Omar there's a lot of wine analogy which would ring more tantric, in it's own way that probably rings a bit Crowley'esque to them, and I can't imagine Shiite authorship being particularly welcoming.

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