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LABORATORIO RITUALS S.L. Address: Street Miguel Fulgencio No. 5. 28039 Madrid. Exhibition shop, factory, laboratory and distributor: Street El Campo 13700 No. 132. Ciudad Real. Tel: 926511178 Email: or CIF:B88339213 Constituted by deed authorized by the Notary of Madrid Don Francisco Marcos Diaz, with the number 3,098 of his protocol and registered in the Commercial Register of Madrid, volume 26,830, folio 210, section 8, page M-483493, entry 1 .





It's simple, on the main page, on the top right, you will find a tab that says "Register", click that tab. A new window where you should put your personal data and company once again fill the fields, select the tab "I accept the Privacy Policy" and click on the "Register" tab appears.


After a time will receive an email by accepting or declining LABORATORIO RITUALS S.L. registration as a wholesaler. You might ask you to accept registration document proving you as a professional (036, high autonomous, copy writing etc.) If so, send us the document as soon as possible to confirm their condition. In this way we protect our customers that non-professional users can buy on our web advantage of only exclusive prices for wholesale customers, freelancers, professionals etc.


When we activate them, you will receive an email confirming this activation. At this point you can already make use of our site and take advantage of our wholesale prices.


Enter and top right click on the tab "Login". Target your username (email) and password with which you registered. If you want you can point the tab "remember" that whenever you access from your computer to automatically.


Once you have logged in, you find the sections of the products, on the left, click the section that interests you and you can see on the left subcategories so you can navigate them, also find their photos in the center page.


You also have the option of searching to find if you click the top right in the white box that says "look at LABORATORIO RITUALS S.L." where a magnifying glass appears next. Here you can put the name of the desired product, or search by color, metal, etc .. code but remember that the more specific the name, before the concrete article will appear.


To purchase the product, click the desired product and click "Add to Basket" vera that his side has a small white window where indicates the units purchased, if you want more than one can put in place the figure Item want.


Remember that our prices already include VAT.


At this point you raised two possibilities, "buying Continue" or "Go to cart", if you want to keep buying more items check the box "Continue Shopping" if instead you want to close, and your order, click the box "Go to basket".


A new screen will appear at that time. There you will find a summary of what you ordered. Again you have several options. You can if you want to add more units in the items you have purchased putting on the white box next to the item the desired number and then clicking on the "Update Cart" if you just want to keep buying more items, you can click on the tab "Continue purchase".


Once you are clear about your order and, in this screen you can complete your purchase by clicking on the "Pay" tab, not forgetting to note the tab "I agree with the terms of service and accept (Read)". This screen gives you the ability to write your comments, questions or requests in a blank box that says: Let us know any comments or note the order here:


In the new sale will appear, you can see that it has top left default address with which you registered, which is officially composed us for shipping and billing. To add a new address more, you can do on this screen, below where it says "IF YOU WISH, YOU MAY INDICATE A DIFFERENT DIRECTION TO CONTAINED IN OUR SYSTEM" Fill in the fields and once you have done click the tab " next ", you can see that up and you two addresses appear. Select the desired address by clicking on "click to select" and in this direction will be where we proceed to shipping.


You can at any time to add more addresses, are already enrolled remain forever.


If you do not want to add any address more directly on this screen click on the address default "click to select"




In the next window a summary of your order will appear, if you agree, click on the "Next" tab.


At present a new screen with the different payment methods at its disposal (paypal, credit card and transfer) will open. Highlight the desired tab. And press the "Next" tab.


A window with the summary order and payment, click "Next" and on the next screen "Confirm" to your order remains accepted and generated appears.


In a few moments you will receive email confirmation of your order with the number of this and shortly we will contact you to formalize the payment, prepare and send your order.


If you leave half your order for any reason, the order will be stored for 7 days to continue it when you want.


If you have any questions during this process, you can contact us at Phone: 926 511 178, e, or through our chat or forum.


IMPORTANT: Many times the registration process or purchase makes us complicated. Registration is very simple, just read the instructions carefully and point out the required fields, this operation will take less than 3 minutes.





Criteria for ordering and payments. Letter of withdrawal.


Criteria for ordering:


You can only buy products that are available for sale and whose details appear in Holy Rituals on line with delivery in Spain and intended for personal use, either your own or receptor for which buy products. Holy rituals reserves the right to reject any order in its sole discretion (for example, when it considers that the order in question is intended to be subsequently sold by means other than the distribution channels authorized by Holy rituals).


Details of the products available for purchase (including their price) are specified in LABORATORIO RITUALS S.L. shop on line take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of products appearing on LABORATORIO RITUALS S.L. are correct measures when information is included in Holy Rituals. While we will try by all means at our disposal that maintain the Holy shop online as current as possible rituals, the information specified at any given time may not always reflect the exact situation as you. Place an order.


Ordering Product Purchase and Conclusion of the Purchase Agreement:


Once you have selected the desired products, these products will be included in the shopping cart.


At the end of the verification process, you will click on the "order summary" button to access the summary page of the order in which you can identify and correct any errors information.


At the end of the order summary page, you must click on the "send order" button to receive a binding order.


Once you have clicked the "send order" button, we get a permit from the trading company your credit card or debit card for the amount indicated on the order summary page. At this point in the process, not detraeremos funds from your card, although the available balance in your will be reduced with the authorization card. This process is the usual procedure followed by banks. If your credit card is not authorized, the order will not be processed.


Holy Rituals will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order product, which is not an automatic acceptance by us of your order.


Holy Rituals will send a second e-mail accepting your order product and confirming that the products you requested will be sent ( "Order Confirmation").


You. Holy Rituals and have entered into a contract of sale of the products ordered by you. Once we have sent the e-mail Order Confirmation and in any case, however, when you receive the products mentioned.


The contract of sale may be held in Spanish.


The text of the purchase agreement will be included will be included in the e-mail and Order Confirmation will be stored by Holy Rituals although it will not be accessible to the Client after the conclusion of the contract.


Holy Rituals may reject, in its sole discretion, order processing, or not be able to proceed with such processing, in the following cases, without limitation:


When the product requested by you. It is no longer manufactured or is unavailable.


When the distributor of your credit card or debit card does not authorize the payment of the purchase price.


When not meet the criteria for ordering specified at the beginning of this section including accreditations and wholesale sales, trade or autonomous.

Delivery conditions


Transporting your package


Packages are generally dispatched within 72 hours after receipt of your payment, within the Iberian Peninsula and the islands will take one more day. For Europe usually it takes 4 days and for the rest of the world depends on transportation, but usually 10 days maximum.


It can occur if there are parties or some timely general or parcel to delay the arrival of the package circumstance.


If you want an urgent shipment or your own transport and pick it up at any of our locations, you must specify in your order.


Overall it is a door to door or your local official mail service.


Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping.


It is important that packet reception check that everything has come right and in perfect condition, as if in the delivery note of the company that took your package does not appear any apuntación shall be deemed good and it is understood that the goods arrived in perfect conditions.


Shipping costs for wholesalers are free from 300 euros gross, if less 7,55 euros of shipping will be added provided the volume of the order including the box does not exceed 1 meter in the sum of all sides, or weighing more than 5 kg. If the package weight exceed these measures and will call to rectify the shipping price and that we can pay the difference to make the shipment.


Returns & Exchanges


Returns and exchanges provided that the product has not been used and the customer bear the cost of return, new shipping and handling allowed.


You must fill in the following letter of withdrawal with the package returned.


-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------






Street 132 local field


13700 Tomelloso


CIF: B88339213


Hereby, and as set out in the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, RDL 1/2007 of 16 November, I informed him his right to withdraw hereby writing, within the legal term of 15 days (from the date of receipt of purchase) granted to it in its right to cancel the purchase agreement (indicate the product concerned), which reference is (indicating identification data of the contract: invoice number or order number or contract number, etc.); we signed last day (indicate the date of conclusion of the contract), and I received at my home last indicate the date of receipt of purchase).


Therefore I am sending by email attachment the product under contract of which this letter desist, and I beg you as soon as possible refund in the No. current account (please provide bank details) of which I am the proprietor, the amount of eruos, who once I paid to conclude the contract.


In (location) on (day) of (month) 20 (year)




(your data)


Name of consumer






CP., Town and province


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------


If a product is defective or arrives in poor condition and has been communicated at the time of arrival at the transport company, the company Holy rituals bear the costs of change and new shipment.


You can change your mind and cancel your order within fourteen (14) days following receipt of the products days.


If you have questions you can contact our store during business hours from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 16:30 to 20:30 from Monday to Friday.


Phone: 926 511 178


IMPORTANT: for those customers who have RE by default, it is not included, which will later be put on their final invoice to be paid.

Equivalence surcharge: yes


You can pay through Paypal, bank transfer or credit card. Contrareembolso not accepted. Once payment is made and confirmation obtained the order will be sent.


Returns and Cancellation Order


Returns and exchanges provided that the product has not been used and the customer bear the cost of return, new shipping and handling allowed.


-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------



It is our wish to keep you informed about all current and future developments regarding new product launches, promotions and campaigns value. To receive this news, visit and click 'record.'



E-mail: or


Phone: 926 511 178


Postal mail return address:




132 Street Tomelloso field.


13700 Ciudad Real.


General disposition


Holy Rituals reserves the right to:


Modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the service provided through Holy rituals online store (or any part thereof) with or without notice. Holy rituals will not be liable to you or against other third parties for such modification or cancellation.; I


If, despite modified Terms and Conditions and / or Terms of Delivery, you. Continued use of the service provided through Holy Rituals shop online (or any part thereof) following such change shall be deemed to have acquiesced the change. You. Will be responsible for verifying the conditions regularly to determine whether there has been any change. If you do not agree to any modification of the Terms and Conditions, you should immediately stop using the service character of Holy rituals online store ..


Should Holy rituals modify these Terms, your order will be subject to the existing conditions on the date and time you. You placed your order. You may request a copy of the current version of the Terms via e-mail to the address: a


If any part of the Terms and Conditions is illegal or unenforceable, the affected provision shall be deemed removed, remaining in full force the remaining provisions of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.


The purchase agreement between you. And our company will be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute relating to the Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in the courts of the place where your home is located.


For details on current promotions and offers; See section offers and promotions.