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Many students are now wondering how to make the most out of online classes after the mass migration of university courses to online formats.
Online classes can be a great option for students who have taken them before.
The number of students choosing to study online has increased in recent years. Sallie Mae's 2019 "How America Pays For College 2019" report shows that about 2/3 of students took online courses in the 2018-2019 school years.
It doesn't matter if you aren't physically present at class. However, it doesn't mean that it won't be challenging. Online classes require you to be focused, have proactive study habits, manage your time well, and have the ability to focus.
These seven tips will help you succeed whether your university has moved temporarily to online classes, or you are considering taking online classes in the near future.
1. Focus with the same intensity
Virtual classrooms don't necessarily mean that you have to treat it differently than an in-person class. Instead, focus on the task at hand and be determined.
Keep up a strong work ethic and be proactive in schoolwork. Complete and upload all assignments on schedule and study hard for exams, just like you would if attending an in-person class. Your online classes will be weighed the same way as traditional college classes. To succeed, you must continue to put the same effort, focus, determination, as well as a high quality work ethic.
2. Find your online classroom
Your ability to use and navigate your online class site's tools is crucial. This is the place where you'll access all course materials, take exams, view virtual lectures, participate on class forums, submit assignments and complete your homework. The sooner you get it, the better.
Your online course can be either synchronous or asynchronous depending on the professor or school.
Synchronous learning refers to online or distance education that takes place in real-time. Your online class functions in the same way as an in-person class, but it is online. Online classes can be synchronous by offering live streaming of lectures and chat rooms for instant class participation. Students can also set up online class times so they are available virtually. Students can benefit from synchronous online classes which offer more opportunities for classroom engagement and dynamic learning experiences.
Asynchronous learning refers to online or distance education that takes place when you have set aside time for the class. Your professor may provide lectures, assignments and exams online, but you are free to work on them at your own pace, provided you adhere to the deadlines. Online classes that use an asynchronous learning model can offer students greater flexibility and more cost-effectiveness.
Before the first day, go through the course materials and take a look at the virtual classroom site. This will help you to get to know where everything is located. Pay attention to the location of online courses, assignments and online exams.
Next, experiment with the various technological tools available in your online classroom. You will learn how to open chat rooms, access digital lectures, send messages to fellow students, and ask questions to your professor.

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